Scope of Services

New Design | Redesign | Renovation
Consultation & Planning | Masterplanning | Pre/Post Construction

Letsche Design is involved in core aspects pertinent to the development of sustainable golf course assets.

The team provides a valuable source of information across the entire development process, to ensure clients receive the best advice to protect and enhance their investment.

Golf Course Design Services Include:

  • Strategy development (including feasibility study)
  • Strategy integration; collaborating with stakeholders; ownership group, land planning, architects and contractors
  • Curation of Planning Documentation
  • Detailed Construction Specifications and implementation structure
  • Assistance and coordination of Construction Tender (including financial insights / review)
  • Design Coordination (on-site) with golf course contractor
  • Placement and sourcing of shapers, irrigation and agronomy specialists
  • Ownership / asset management reporting
  • Golf industry liaison (marketing)
Golf Course Design Services