Muirfield Village Golf Club

Dublin, Ohio (USA)

* Private Golf Club

* Renovation / Redesign / Restoration


    Nicklaus Design

    Greg Letsche

    Muirfield Village Golf Club

    Open for play 2008


When I look back at 25 years of designing golf courses with some of the biggest names in the business, I feel so fortunate that I am doing something I truly love. From the early days, out of university working with Pete Dye as a design coordinator, and then as a Sr. Design Associate for a long run of 16 years with Jack Nicklaus and most recently with Ernie Els; each project I have been associated with has provided me a special opportunity to work with some of the finest clients and pieces of land one could ask for.

While I established my own design business a number of years ago and remain as Ernie Els’ Senior Designer – I am privileged to be called upon for individual design for new build and renovation projects.

As my other peers in the industry can attest; there are very few places in the world I have not seen and spend a fair amount of my year working in beautiful and dynamic regions such as Asia, Africa, The America’s and Europe.

No project is too far or small so long there is some reasonably good fishing nearby and my client’s share the vision together of creating a remarkable golf course project that contributes to the game while preserving and enhancing the ecosystem where we are working.