About Greg Letsche

Golf Course Designer Greg Letsche

A graduate of The Ohio State University Greg found his passion for golf course design early.

Greg joined renowned golf course architect Pete Dye in 1985 as Design Associate. Greg collaborated in the design process and importantly the integration of the owner's and Pete’s vision for the course.

Following six years with Dye, Greg was presented with the opportunity to join the game’s greatest champion, Jack Nicklaus.

During a boom period in golf course design, Greg became synonymous with Jack Nicklaus’ success as the leading marquee name for any golf course, real-estate and leisure community developer.

The pair forged a close working partnership, collaborating to create some of the most auspicious golf courses, still recognised as iconic to this day. The blend of Greg’s artistry and knowledge of the design and development process supported Jack’s ability to envision the golf course layout and hole character.

After a successful 16 year partnership, Greg was introduced to Ernie, considered by many as having the most accute eye for shotmaking and design detail as the great Nicklaus. The pair quickly established a dynamic partnership, as Ernie Els Design group took aim on developing a boutique roster of Els Club’s worldwide.

During this time, Greg also had the privilege for working with four-time Major Champion, Vijay Singh on a unique Els Club collaboration in Johor Bahru in Malaysia - adding to the most impressive array of partnerships for Letsche.

“I've been honored to have been in the design business with so many great minds. For me, I can look past the rich array of professional golf accolades and recognize each of their brilliance as designers, visionaries and genuinely great human beings. It has without doubt shaped who I am as a designer, my approach and my integrity and passion for the work that I do.”