Design Philosophy

Golf Course

Our Design Approach, regardless of location or budget, is to create ecologically and commercially sustainable golf courses of enduring character that fall within the vision and expectation of the client and that offer players a fun and gratifying golfing experience.

Exceptional and authentic golf course design, resulting in memorable golfing experiences is the true driving passion of company Owner and Principal, Greg Letsche. This zeal for the game of golf permeates throughout the company resulting in creatively designed golf courses, unique in character with unforgettable holes and superb aesthetic appeal. The team understands that in order to design a successful course which will stand the test of time, no design concept, style or site can be forced on a client. Rather that enduring design evolves from day one and that listening to and understanding the clients brief will help to guide them through the design process and ultimately realize the vision.

Throughout his thirty year career as a golf course designer, he has had the privilege of working alongside the best modern-day golf architects and golfing professionals who instilled in him fundamental design philosophies from the famous architects of the past, giving him the basis on which to create new courses at the forefront of current golfing trends.

Letsche Design believes that in creating a truly unforgettable round of golf the course design should be challenging while allowing players to be rewarded for executing good shots while not being overly punished for hitting bad ones, have a varied pace of play and create memorable experiences through playability and aesthetics. Further, individual hole design should revolve around a less is more approach to hazard placement, create shot values surrounding green complexes and offer imagination in club selection. But most of all, the end goal of the team and one that encapsulates all facets of the philosophy is that - "The course should be fun to play!"